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New Management Team Cahaya Amarthasakti Putera

About Us

For years, Cahaya Amartha Sakti Putera placed itself as a companny engaging in the field of Contractor Maintenance and Mechanical Electrical. Safety is our concern, we help many people to minimize the electrical hazard. All electrical equipment and installations should be maintained to prevent danger. Preventive maintenance could save you in many different way. Good electrical system and grounding is the best way to ensure that your family and possessions are not harmed by stray electrical current. When an electrical system is grounded, the currents are guided down a pathway to the ground so that they cannot make contact with people and sensitive electronic equipment. If you have to wire your entire home, it is best to work with a professional electrician to make sure that proper electrical grounding techniques are used throughout your home

Now, Cahaya Amartha Sakti Putera comes with a new look and new service. Our team will ensure you to serve with the heart and safely. We believe that good people build great companies and strive to foster a spirit of innovation, cooperation, speed and teamwork so that we incorperate our employees into CASP family and treat them with concern and compassion. And the relationship between CASP and our people is reciprocal as they grow, personally and professionally, we grow.


We have years of experience to help you get the job done. When you want to get your electrical, your mechanical, your plumbing system at your home or your office safety , we are here to assist you.

Contact us now.


Graha Mampang Mampang Praparatan, South Jakarta, Jakarta | 021-7985007

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