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Safety Work

Posted by CASP Engineer on Thursday, May 3, 2012, In : Electricity 
What is this guidance about?
This information sheet contains specific advice about some of the ways of avoiding injury during the servicing and repair of domestic appliances such as washing machines, dryers, refrigerators/freezers, cooking equipment etc, normally operating from a 230 volt supply. Audio, TV and computer equipment are dealt with in Safety in electrical testing: Servicing and repair of audio, TV and computer equipment.1 Further advice is given Safety in electrical testing at work...
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Reliable power is money in the bank

Posted by CASP Engineer on Saturday, April 28, 2012, In : Electricity 
Electrical design based on total reliability results in smooth operations and client satisfaction at recently constructed bank site.

When lightning strikes, the consequences can be devastating to an electrical system. In any industry, the ramifications of unpredictable lightning strikes or power surges can prove to be both costly and frustrating for businesses when operations are temporarily interrupted or production is shutdown.

When plans for building the new Citicorp U.S. Service Center beca...
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Electrical Safety Tips for Your Apartment

Posted by CASP Engineer on Thursday, December 29, 2011, In : Electricity 
  • Unplug appliance that are not in use and never use any appliance that has any exposed wires. Unplug any appliance that begins to smell funny or produce smoke and ensure to unplug appliances after use and when going to bed in night.
  •  Limit the use of extension cords or request installation of a new electrical outlet. Never overload extension cords with too many wires and keep all extension cords out of high traffic areas.
  • Never put extension cords under carpet or rugs as it causes short- circuit...

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CASP Engineer

CASP Engineer CAHAYA SAKTI Placed itself as a companny engaging in the field of Contractor Maintenance and Mechanical Electrical, especially for the maintenance and instalation of electrical,data or plumbing system. For the houses or companies that are faced with some problems, we are ready to settle the problems within 24 hours / day and 7 days / week (Monday - Sunday). You may contact us at : 021-7801611 or Email:
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